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Become a Peer Coach

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Becoming a Peer Coach


This section outlines the qualifications, expectations, requirements, training dates, and application procedures for becoming a peer coach.


Looking to become a peer coach?

  • Do you have an interest in coaching/tutoring/helping other students?
  • Do you have strong communication skills?
  • Are you good at motivating and training others?
  • Are you interested in entering the teaching field, becoming a professional tutor, becoming a skills trainer, or becoming a life coach? 


Peer Coach Qualifications

For all applicants (current students or alumni):

  • Either a completed degree from SUNY Empire State College or at least the successful completion of one term of study at SUNY Empire State College.
  • A mentor/instructor recommendation (click here for directions)
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills

Only for current students applying to be Peer Coaches

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress & good student conduct standing. 
  • Have no outstanding incompletes.                
  • Must maintain active enrollment at SUNY Empire State College if receiving work study payments and/or practicum credits.
  • A grade of B or higher in the content area(s) you wish to coach in 

                OR a 3.0 GPA or better if you want to coach general study skills.  

  • Be able to participate in the program at one of the Northeast Center locations.


Peer Coach Expectations & Requirements  


As a representative of SUNY Empire State College: Peer coaches are held to the same standard as any SUNY Empire State College employee. Peer coaches are an extension of SUNY Empire State College and will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.



  • Attend and complete a total of 6 hours of  training which follows College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) international standards prior meeting with any students.  Training is offered each month during the academic year as one six-hour daytime session or two three-hour evening sessions.  Please check the calendar for upcoming training dates/times.
    • All training hours count towards work-study payment or practicum hours.
  • Complete at least 4 additional hours of training during the term you begin coaching.
  • Develop a good understanding and knowledge of college services, supports, resources and referral processes.
  • Provide assistance to students based on referral from Peer Coach Coordinator, Learning Coach or Director of Academic Support in areas such as general study skills, a specific content area, and navigating the NEC resources.
  • Create and maintain any subsequent scheduling convenient for themselves and the student within the center and/or units during designated hours. 
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of all student information, material, and discussions shared in the peer coaching relationship.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of each tutoring session using Office of Academic Support forms, and work-study forms, if eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program.


Click the link for Application Documents and Instructions



Ways To Participate as a Peer Coach:


Paid Work Study          Practicum Course for Credit     Volunteer 



General Benefits:  

  • Peer Coaches will gain invaluable work experience in the areas of training, coaching, and assisting others in a rigorous academic learning environment.
  • Peer Coaches will also gain experience and knowledge that will better themselves and the students they are assisting.
  • Peer Coaches will be evaluated by their peers so as to better evaluate their abilities and to grow as an educator and a professional.
  •  Peer Coaches will be able to document that they participated in a College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) accredited program on their resumes for their future employment. This certified program is recognized nationally and internationally.


Paid Work Study

Students who qualify for Federal Financial Aid work study status can receive payment for their work as a Peer Coach and will also receive all of the general benefits listed above.



  •  If Peer Coaches qualify for the Federal Work-Study Program are paid $10 per hour. A Federal Application for Free Student Aid Application (FAFSA) must be submitted and approved yearly in order for a peer tutor to continuing receiving Work-Study. Payments for tutoring will be delayed until required paperwork has been received. Additionally, the pay rate is determined by the college and the total amount available is determined by the federal government and Financial Aid Office.
  • Peer Coaches are paid for training, tutoring preparation, and actually tutoring time only.
  • Any student choosing to participate as a work study peer coach must fill complete and submit their time cards accurately and on time.  
  • No expenses will be paid to tutors for: mileage/gas, phone/cell, texting, internet costs.  Any books or other materials as well as copying, printing and supplies specifically related to the role of the peer coach will be supplied by the Office of Academic Support.



A practicum is a credited bearing study that gives students both a theoretical and practical/work experience in the field of learning assistance and adult learning.  Anyone interested in the practicum should obtain approval from their mentor, then enroll in the study as an independent study with the Director of Academic Support (Lisa D'Adamo-Weinstein) and pay for it as they would any other credit bearing course at the college.  Students can earn 2-4 credits as part of their college level degree program and will also receive all of the general benefits listed above.



  •  Peer Coaches who wish to receive practicum credits (2 or 4 credits) must have mentor approval, register and pay for the credits, and follow all of the requirements listed in the practicum learning contract/syllabus.
  • Peer Coach must have active participation in peer coaching activities during the term of enrollment totaling  100-140 hours for 4 credits or 50-70 Hours for 2 credits . Specific activities are discussed and developed during the practicum and some examples are described in the learning contract/syllabus.
  • Peer Coaches earning practicum credits are expected to write two essays discussing the theories they learned about and their involvement in the Peer Coaching program.




Students who volunteer will not receive pay or course credit, but they will gain work experience for their resume and will also receive all of the general benefits listed above.


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