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Recommend a Peer Coach

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Peer Coaching Pictures



In order to recommend a peer coach, you must be a current instructor or mentor at Empire State College.


Recommending a current ESC undergraduate or graduate student to become a peer coach is easy.  You can fill out the recommendation form in the format that is most comfortable and convenient for you:


Online Submission



Hardcopy or as E-mail 

  • Choose one of the two versions of the recommendation form 

Word document - NEC Recommendation Form - Fill Out in Word93-03.doc

PDF - NEC Mentor or Instructor Recommendation Form.pdf

  • Submit completed recommendation form by choosing one of the three options below:

 (1) Save the document and send as an attachment in an e-mail to sarah.spence-staulters@esc.edu

 Put PEER COACH RECOMMENDATION in the subject line


 (2) Fax to 518-783-6443

Include a cover sheet to the ATTENTION OF 

Sarah Spence-Staulters, "09  Peer Coaching Program Coordinator

Office of Academic Support


(3) Print and mail to:

Sarah Spence-Staulters, '09 Peer Coaching Program Coordinator

Office of Academic Support

SUNY Empire State College – Northeast Center

21 British American Blvd., Latham, NY 12110


The student(s) for whom you provide recommendations should let you know what they want to do as a peer coach.  On their peer coach application form they are asked to fill in the the following information: student form

Find out more about the responsibilities of a peer coach by clicking this link.




Feel free to use this embedded form to recommend the peer coach. This is the same form as the link above:




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