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Peer Coach Training

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Our Peer Coach Training Program follows College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) standards

and is currently being reviewed by CRLA for certification.


Each peer coach must complete a total of ten hours of training within the first term that s/he coaches.  Eight of those ten hours happens BEFORE a peer coach can work with students. Six of those hours must be during one of the live training sessions.


  • Upcoming Training Dates can be found on our Academic Support Calendar or by clicking TRAINING DATES.

Peer coaches can get more advanced level understanding in the theory and practice of post-secondary learning, success coaching, and learning assistance by enrolling in a credit-bearing practicum (a course that blends theoretical learning with practical application within the college learning environment).   



  • Information about additional learning/training opportunity through a credit bearing study can be found by clicking PRACTICUM. 




Level 1 Certification Requirements for All Peer Coaches


The training happens in two parts either as a single 6 hour training day or two 3 hour evening sessions and this training is required for Peer Coaches prior to assisting other students.  


For ½ day sessions – a light meal will be provided

For full day sessions – continental breakfast and lunch will be provided


First half of training:

  • Paper work & Pictures for STAFF ID's
  • Roles & Responsibilities of a Peer Coach and of students.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Peer Coaching.
  • Ethics & Resources – code of conduct, safety procedures, plagiarism, & academic honesty.
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • The Art & Resources of Referrals - when to refer a student and to whom
  • Academic Support team, Coordinator of Student Services, Instructor/Mentor, Smarthinking.com, Student Information Center (SIC), TalkOne2One, etc.
  •  Record Keeping of peer coaching appointments and projects


Second half of training:

  • Learning Styles & Strategies
      • Includes VARK & Readi Assessments
      • Active Listening Skills Training & Practice
      • Critical Thinking Skills Training & Practice
      • Study Strategies Training & Practice
  • How Adult Learners Learn
        • Intellectual Development, Ways of Knowing, Student Development Theory


During the first term a peer coach is working with other students, 4 additional hours of training will be determined by the peer coach and coordinator of the peer tutoring program depending on the area(s) of coaching and peer coach's interest. This can be accomplished via watching videos, website research, readings, attending workshops, special projects, etc. 


We archive our training materials.  You can click here for training documents











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