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CRLA Certification Materials

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Northeast Center Peer Coaching Program

                                                            CRLA Certification Application Materials

Peer Coaching Program   Logo


On this page, you will find all of the documents and resources used in our application for College Reading & Learning Association ITPC  Tutor  Training  Program  Certification.







(Same application in two formats - PDF & MSWord2010)







Documents & Forms  


(Click the links below to access the documents & forms submitted in support of the application)



Video Testimonials About the Program


Reflections from the Peer Coaching Coordinator, Sarah Spence-Staulters


Becoming a Peer Coach - Kristina


Becoming a Peer Coach & Benefits of Peer Coaching - Don


Benefits of Peer Coaching - Kristina

















Peer Coaching Check List for CRLA Certification:

o   Attended 6 hour Training Session which included:

o   Definition of Peer coaching and coaching responsibilities

o   Coaching do’s and don’ts

o   Ethical Responsibilities of Peer Coach (Plagiarism, code of conduct, safety, academic honesty, etc.

o   Referrals

o   Communication and Interpersonal Skills

o   Record Keeping

o   Goal Development

o   Adult Learners

o   Study Skills

o   Critical thinking Skills

o   Learning Styles




CRLA Requirements for Certification:

·       Minimum of 6 hour of Training must be Live, real time, interactive and tutor trained supervised and include …

·       Definition of Tutor Responsibilities and tutoring

·       Basic tutoring Guidelines? Tutor Do’s and Don’ts

·       Compliance with the ethics and philosophy of tutor program/ sexual harassment /plagiarism

·       Referral Skills

·       Communication Skills & Techniques for successfully beginning and ending a tutor session& Active Listening and Paraphrasing

·       Setting goals /Planning

·       Adult Learners/ Learning Theory /Learning Styles

·       Critical thinking



The Completion of 10 hour total training time can be accomplished through…



o   1 hour of supervised Coaching

o   Attendance of at least one  1 hour of online Workshop

o   Completion of Coaching Scavenger Hunt

o   Completion of at least one Library Workshop of their choice

Practicum Students in addition will be required…

o   Write 2 reflective essays discussing their evolvement in the peer coaching program

o   Participate in 50 -75 tutor hours for lower level and 80-100 hours for upper level.



The Completion of 10 hour total training time can be accomplished through…


·       Conferences with tutor trainer /supervisor

·       Texts/ handouts/scavenger hunts

·       Other

·       Video Tapes/DVDs/ websites

·       Special tutor projects

·       Webquests, podcast webcasts, wikis, blogs,



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