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Documents and Forms

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Below is a listing of all documents and forms utilized by the NEC Peer Coaching Program. 



Administrative Documents & Forms  


Advertisments & Invitations

Peer Coach Overview for Students.pdf

Peer Coach Overview for Graduate Students.docx


 Sample recruiting ad for faculty mentors

  Sample recruiting ad for students


 Sample invite for Peer Coach recognition events



Application Forms

NEC Peer Coach Application Form.docx

NEC Recommendation Form.docx

     Both of these forms must be completed before a peer coach (if qualified) can begin training (also available online as links at https://bitly.com/BecomeAPeerCoach & https://bitly.com/PeerCoachRecommend.


Request Forms

NEC Peer Request Form.doc

     Students Requesting a Peer Coach (also available online at https://bitly.com/RequestAPeerCoach)


Feedback/Session Summary Forms

NEC Peer Coach Session Recording Form - Fill Out in Word 2013.docx

NEC Peer Coach Session Recording Form - Fill Out in Word 2013.pdf


     Peer Coach Completes After Each Session with a Student

               (only available online to Peer Coaches in a password protected shared Dropbox folder)

     Sample Completed NEC Peer Coach Session Recording Form (older version of form - updated just recently Fall 2013)


NEC Session Feedback Form.doc

     Students Fills Out at the End of Each Session (also available online at - http://peercoaches.pbworks.com/w/page/28232641/Evaluate%20a%20Peer%20Coach)



     Sample Completed NEC Peer Session Feedback Form



Level 1 Training Materials, Documents & Forms


Peer Coaching Training & Resources Binder

Video Overview


Peer Coaching Training & Resources Binder

Administrative & Ethics Documents & Resources

Confidentiality Statement.txt

Student Conduct Polices.doc

Peer Coaching Job Description.doc

The Role of the Peer Student.docx

Referral List.docx

Handout Potential Problem Tutoring Situations.doc



Peer Coaching Training Day Agenda.pdf


Presentation Materials  

6 Hour Live Training - Tutor-trainer supervised,  Interactive,  Live, and  Real-time  [TILR]

Presentation - 2 Parts

 NEC Peer Coach Training Part 1.pptx

NEC Peer Coach Training Part 2.pptx  


active listening actvity.doc

Games and actvities.docx

Tutoring Ethical Scenarios.doc  


Additional Training Documents & Resources 

Scavenger Hunt checklist.docx --- Peer Coaching Scavenger Hunt answers.docx 

- Peer Coaches must complete the scavenger hunt and meet with Peer Coach Coordinator to review results

Completion of Peer Coach Training Checklist.doc   

 -Document lists all of the training options for Peer Coaches to complete the 10 hours of training

Academic Support Workshop schedule - Spring 2012.pdf  

- Peer Coaches must attend at least one workshop of their choosing as part of their additional 4 hours of individualized training.


Practicum (Optional) Materials

2 cr or 4cr Advanced PCP Learning Contract.docx



Additional Documents Not Available Digitally or Only Available as a Website

Northeast Center Orientation materials - a collection of college brochures, handouts, and other documents (shown in video above)

SUNY Empire State College Student Resources (Forms, Policy & Procedures) - www.esc.edu/MyESC      

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